hamburg christmas markets

Rathausmarkt Father Christmas

Robert and I are completely disenchanted with the hassle air travel so we’ve begun traveling by train!  Living in central Aarhus, 15 minutes walk from the central station, we can reach pretty much anywhere in Europe by train… we can get to Prague in a day, which is pretty cool.  A couple weekends ago, we […]

that time we rescued a xmas tree from the trash…

Danish Xmas Tree

Earlier this week, Robert and I made the executive decision not to have a Christmas tree.   This past month has been hectic for both of us work-wise, then we were away in Hamburg, and when we finally got around to thinking about a tree, it was cold, rainy and windy, and we just couldn’t bothered. […]


Blogging has changed a lot since 2009, and so has Sage & Simple!  Back then, Blogger was as good a platform as any, social media was just catching on, and SEO wasn’t such a complicated game.  I wrote about my simple life in Connecticut, and had no idea if I’d still be blogging in a […]

we’re off to hamburg!


Robert and I are off for a long weekend in Hamburg to visit the Christmas markets!  I’ll finally get to hear him speak German :-) For now I’ll leave you with this beautiful snowy picture of Berlin Cathedral from my first European Christmas back in 2009… Wasn’t the light lovely?

our top 5 recipes


I’m finally recovered from cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the teeny tiny kitchen built by people who hate to cook for people who hate to cook and I’d like to talk about food, on a practical level. My daily commute without traffic is an hour and quarter each way.  The Oik is with us five days […]