Firmoo Glasses Review

Firmoo Glasses Review

Firmoo Glasses Review When Firmoo contacted me to ask if I’d review a pair of their glasses, I jumped at the chance.  I had LASIK awhile back, and while I don’t miss the hassle of having to deal with glasses and contacts, I miss having glasses as a fashion accessory. Being the retro-fabulous girl that …{full post}

The Best Gift Ever

How to get tickets to Anfield

Once in a while, you get the chance to give someone the gift of a lifetime. A few weeks ago, The Oik made his confirmation. It’s a coming of age thing in Denmark, tied to the church, sort of like a Bar Mitzvah, it happens when they’re thirteen years old. People rent limos, throw fancy …{full post}

Five Years an Expat

Expat Life Denmark

In two days, it will be exactly five years since a very anxious lady (me) and her ginger cat (Opie) took a leap of faith and boarded a plane out of Boston on a one-way ticket to Denmark. One year in, the experience of living abroad was still new, and I was uncertain as to whether I’d …{full post}

Travel Tuesday

Goyard Paris Store rue Saint-Honoré

Each Tuesday, a photo capturing a beautiful or interesting image from somewhere I’ve traveled…  

What happens when Louis Vuitton screws up?


What is it with me and luxury goods?  First, I got a wonky pair of Louboutins. Then my beloved Louis Vuitton Alma bag was scratched by a guy who wasn’t watching where he was going at a lame event Robert dragged me to against my will. And now, in London, I treated myself to a LV Keepall weekend bag to bring …{full post}