No Mayo Pasta Salad Recipe

No Mayo Pasta Salad Recipe

July 4th and Thanksgiving are my homesick holidays. I miss the clear start to summer and the Christmas season that those holidays represented to me for most of my life. I feel so left out over here in Denmark and wish I could be home in New England, having an American barbecue and watching fireworks this …{full post}

Giveaway: MealEnders Signaling Lozenges

MealEnders Discount Code

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve just spent a week on a cruise ship eating and drinking with reckless abandon. MealEnders could not have contacted me at a better time to ask if I’d try, and review their signaling lozenges. I lost 40 or so pounds in my 20s and have maintained it ever since with a …{full post}

Vegetarian Greek Pita Recipe

Vegetarian Greek Pita Recipe

What a fabulous cruise we had, but it seemed like all we did was eat and drink!  We’d just finish breakfast and it was time for lunch, then cocktails, then dinner, and more cocktails. I’m a pretty strict vegetarian (right down to the vitamin D & B12 deficiencies) and I really watch my diet and …{full post}

Making another run…

Norwegian fjords cruise from Copenhagen

A few years ago, I took a Norwegian fjords cruise from Copenhagen on a tight budget… e.g. I smuggled booze onboard and stayed in an inside cabin. The experience kind of sucked, but the landscapes were the most beautiful natural scenery I’ve ever caught sight of, and I’ve wanted a do-over in a balcony cabin ever since… …{full post}

The day we paid off our mortgage…

Ruinart Champagne

We live in a country with one of the highest household debt to income ratios in the world, but the other day, Robert and I made the final deposit against our mortgage, and became 100% debt free! This is the second mortgage I’ve paid off, and it feels pretty much the same as it did the first time… …{full post}