Monday, September 15, 2014

robert's orchid

Robert has been "suggesting" that I post a photo of his beloved orchid.  He says, "you've complained about the bloody thing so much, you have to show your readers that it's a lovely orchid."

So here is Robert's prized orchid, along with my grandfather's Buddha statue, which he acquired for some reason in NYC's Chinatown in the '50s for $2.95...

1950s Buddha Statue
The orchid is in its third bloom in 18 months and currently has 31 flowers :)

P.S. Now he's expecting all of you to comment about what a beautiful orchid it is ;-)
P.P.S. I'm slowly introducing color into his very white and modern world, starting with this sage green in the bedroom :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

wedding jewelry: our rings

Now you've seen all of our wedding jewelry, except the most obvious pieces... the rings!

I've been back and forth on what to do about my ring because Jackie's design doesn't really allow for a wedding band, which left me with two options:

1) Have a thin platinum band made to fit under the face of the ring.
2) Retire Jackie to occasional wear and choose an entirely different wedding ring.

The first option seemed a bit silly because I'm not hellbent on having a wedding band and because no one would know it was there except me (and the guy who put it there).

I loved Jackie the first time I saw her in the shop window and she's the one Robert slipped onto my finger in Bellagio, so relegating her to my jewelry box seemed sad and unnecessary.  She's become a part of me... and our history, and so she will be my wedding ring.

Vintage Sapphire Engagement Ring
Jackie (Kennedy) is a vintage 1940's platinum, diamond, and deep blue hexagonal-cut sapphire ring.  Because of her age, she's very fragile and had to be repaired last month, so she might not be viable for longterm daily wear, but we'll see.

Robert's ring is a medium-weight 4mm platinum court-shaped wedding band, made by Farringdons Jewellery in London's Hatton Garden jewelry district and I think it's so sweet that he keeps trying it on :)  

P.S. If you haven't already liked my Facebook page, now would be a good time to do it...  I'll be posting from Gibraltar, and that will be your first chance to see which dress I've chosen!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

wedding jewelry: thelma & louise

Continuing our look into my wedding day jewelry box, I introduce Thelma & Louise... thus named because moving to Denmark has many times felt metaphorically like driving over that cliff.  But in the end, I'm here with a wonderful man by my side, pretty sparkly things in my ears (and on my fingers, and around my wrist), and lots to look forward to!

Vintage Style Diamond Earrings
Thelma & Louise are bespoke pieces made by Farringdons Jewellery in London's Hatton Garden jewellery district.  They're a riff on a pair of vintage earrings that I liked, but thought too extravagant and gauche for daily wear.

To make the design more practical for modern times, the goldsmith made them as two separate pieces... a platinum 4-prong martini setting, each set with a certified ideal cut .75 carat diamond, and a platinum jacket, each set with .55 carats of round brilliant diamonds.

I wear the studs everyday and add the jackets for formal occasions, like the wedding! They've kept the dimensions on file, so they can make additional studs with other stones, like sapphires to match my engagement ring, or rubies to match a red dress... isn't that brilliant?

Farringdons has an ever-changing collection of vintage and antique jewellery, some from as early as the Victorian period, and as you can see, they also do beautiful bespoke work... the same goldsmith who does their bespoke projects makes their stock items, so pretty much everything in their window is delightful to look at.

After several beautiful vintage purchases and successful bespoke projects, Robert and I consider Farringdons to be our jeweller.  Farringdons are responsible for bringing Jackie and Little Edie into my life, they've made Robert's wedding band, and they're currently working on another bespoke piece for me, which I hope to show you soon.

So if you're in London and need a top-notch jeweller for a vintage, antique or bespoke piece, or want to buy something beautiful off the shelf, I wholeheartedly recommend Farringdons... tell Victoria and Liam that Sage sent you :)
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