DIY Homemade Vitamin C Serum

I first tried Vitamin C serum as anti-aging treatment last year. I loved the results but hated the price, so what’s a frugalista to do?

Make my own, of course :)

DIY Homemade Vitamin C Serum

I’ve been making this for little over a year, mixing a fresh batch once every few weeks, and I still haven’t had to rebuy the ingredients, which cost less than one over-packaged bottle of the premade stuff.

DIY Homemade Vitamin C Serum Recipe:

Add 1/4 t l-ascorbic acid, 1/4 t propylene glycol (or glycerin if you have very dry skin), and 2 t distilled water to a blue or amber bottle. Shake vigorously for a few minutes, then shake a couple times an hour until the powder dissolves.

This will give you an approximately 10% solution. If you have sensitive skin, or are in doubt, cut back on the l-ascorbic acid.

I buy my ingredients from The Personal Formulator, and my bottles from Specialty Bottle; I suggest a 1/2 oz bottle with a dropper for this serum.

Do not double the recipe. Vitamin C can become oxidized as it sits and may cause free radicals to form. It’ s important that you mix a fresh batch every few weeks. I keep mine in the fridge, and often halve the recipe for maximum freshness.


  1. says

    Hi Melinda,

    I’ve been using this for a little over a year. I also use Renova, and wear sunscreen everyday.

    I used to have a fine line starting on my forehead, but this combo has chased it away. I’m not sure which treatment is responsible for the miracle, but I don’t think I’ll experiment to find out ;)

  2. Anonymous says

    hi! how are u doing with the homemade vit c serum? are u still using it religiously? hope to have some feedback. i just started making mine too…will try your recipe next time. thanks!

  3. Anonymous says

    do you use it AM or PM. i am really confused about this. someplace i read that vit c serum shd be used in the morning and others it says to use it in the evening. but if i am also using retin a, should i use vit c serum before or after retin A?

Let me know you stopped by : -)