Tempeh Fajitas

I try to cook from scratch most nights of the week, but working fulltime, commuting, working out, writing this blog, and finding time for my hobbies and projects means that some nights, something’s gotta give.

Here’s one of my versions of fast food. It’s relatively healthy, I can have on the table in about 15 minutes, and it costs less than Taco Bell ;)

8 oz tempeh
an onion
a red or green pepper
a package of fajita seasoning
flour tortillas
sour cream

Thinly slice the tempeh and veggies, then follow the instructions on the seasoning packet. This comes down to sauteing the tempeh in a bit of oil until it starts to brown, then adding the veggies, seasoning packet, and 1/2 cup of water and cooking until crisp tender.

Tonight, I served it with 8-inch store bought flour tortillas and sour cream.

It’s also delicious with sliced mushrooms sauteed along with the pepper and onion, and served with salsa and homemade tortillas!


  1. says

    I will be making this yummy recipe this weekend!! Your recipes always turn out so well whenever I try them. I appreciate all your hard work as well as you sharing them with us!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow- this brings back memories. I used to do Tempeh Fajitas before having kids. Not since, since they won’t eat tempeh, onions or peppers.

    We used to use a lemon marinated tempeh, and it went really nicely with the guacamole.

    Maybe I’ll try this again- they were wonderful, and you totally brought back all those memories.

    Hey- it’s Drachonfire- I seem to be signed in under my son’s name, so I”ll just tell y’all and be pseudoanonymous.

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