Saturday, February 9, 2013

vintage electric curlers

The Photographer and I love making the rounds of our favorite thrift shops and secondhand markets, so many of my Saturdays involve some sort of treasure hunting.

There are things that are always on our wishlists like records and vintage cameras, then there are the wishes that come out of nowhere.  Like electric curlers.

Out of the blue, I decided I wanted electric rollers.  I was a click away from ordering a set from Amazon UK, then I thought, "how much cooler would it be to have a set of vintage electric curlers?"

And the search was on, mostly yielding ugly 80's sets in poor condition for 125-150 kr. ( $20+). Then one day, we went to a market we'd never been to and my wish came true beyond my wildest dreams!

I found a complete circa 1960's set of vintage electric rollers still in its box, with all of the paperwork, and in mint condition!  The best part?  I'd barely touched it, when the seller promptly discounted it by half and I was able to score it for 75 kr. (about $13)!!!

They had me at the flip... I love a good flip!

Electric curlers are actually a Danish invention.  Who knew? 

 It even has a little book of instructions for creating retro-fabulous hairstyles!!!

Vintage treasure!!!

These curlers have not disappointed! They give me big, fabulous, flippy, retro beauty queen hair, and it actually holds.  Now if I could just find a Gillian Hills record, and a petite vintage chandelier for my bedroom, my life would be complete :)


  1. WOW - what a score! I'm envious - love the little mod case, I bet it looks great with your decor!

  2. Those look great, and fabulous condition! Please show us the hairdo results. I never knew you could do so much with electric curlers!

  3. Oh, no photo of you in a flip??

  4. Oh what luck and I just love the booklet instructing how to achieve the 'in' look. :0)


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