April showers bring... - Sage & Simple
new shiny red rain boots :)


  1. 314What a lovely blog you have Sage. I have read through the whole thing in the past week and it’s been such a joy. I love all your photos and stories and recipes. Thank you for introducing me to tempeh!

    And what lovely red boots. :-) I’m coming to Denmark, from Australia, in just over 3 weeks, and I think I might have to invest in some kind of waterproof shoes/boots from what I’ve heard!

  2. Hi Melody!

    Thanks for leaving a note, and I’m glad you like tempeh, and my blog :)

    Are you coming here to visit or stay?

  3. Hi Sage,

    I am coming for a 2 month visit. I am going to be meeting a guy that I met online last year. It’s pretty exciting!

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