Thursday, December 12, 2013

home tour - the bedroom

Today, I'll show you a few photos of my bedroom, which is "soverværelse" on the floorplan... 

I'm going to miss my fringey vintage lamp, lace curtains, and having a chandelier and a velvet chair in the bedroom.  Luckily, the vintage Bali-Hai furniture has been approved to come with :)

I'll also miss lying in bed and looking at the stars, which are especially lovely in the clear, cold, winter sky.

A few weeks ago, Robert and I were stargazing late at night, and I saw a shooting star...


Barbara Paola said...

I love it! So in most places, do the sellers leave the furniture? I sense that from watching HH International all the time. Glad you can take it. Hope it sells soon.

smilingsurfer said...

Stargazing in the comfort of your own bed, that is a dream come true!

Enjoy your last days in this lovely home that you created.

Sage said...

Thanks, both :)

Barb: In Denmark, the usual practice is to take the furniture, light fixtures. window treatments, etc. (things cost a king's ransom here). But as in the US, these things are sometimes used in negotiations. Anything that's not velvet or fringed is up for grabs ;-)

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