Monday, August 11, 2014

help us with our wedding photos!

Our photographer has asked us to put together a Pinterest board of our favorite images as inspiration for our wedding shoot.

What are some of your favorite romantic/fashion images?  The ones you can't stop looking at... the ones that make you want to know more about that moment, those people, that time and place.

They don't have to be wedding photos, it's actually better if they're not. Bonus points are given for images that ooze classic romance and glamour!

 We're definitely getting a John & Yoko!

Please post links to your favorite photos in the comments and I'll post a link to the Pinterest board here :)



  2. I have an idea for you to take a selfie of you, your hubby & opie upon your return home after the deed. OK, again... Not original -- this is what we did and it is a wee picture I treasure to this day -- since we had no official wedding photography done... We were so tired after our travels so our happy kitty was the glamorous one!


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